List of vehicle building games

This list is incomplete, and I plan to add more games to this list. My goal is to be as comprehensive as I can. Maybe THE complete list of vehicle building games. There's many games you can perceive vehicle building mechanics at first sight from a single screenshot, but some need to be actually played to be sure. This takes time. And over time I'll also add links to where you can play or buy the game. Eventually this shall become a table, containing information I'll collect like whether it is free or paid, the licence of the game, what platforms it is ported to and so on.

I began this as a braindump at Wikipedia, check it out here. But… despite Wikipedia having lots of lists of games, I ended feeling like mine is actually original research (see Wikipedia:No original research) and entirely based on user-generated data (see Wikipedia:Reliable sources#User-generated content). The truth is: although I've been reading Wikipedia articles for many years, when it comes to contributing, there's a lot to learn, and in the attempt of doing it so, I ended up in a state of analysis paralysis as I can't conciliate everything I have to understand in order to be useful. To sum up, I'll just stick with this webpage… improving it little by little, until it becomes something on its own.

There were efforts earlier to list many vehicle building games. I must mention this Steam thread that was my starting point and where the idea of writing this up came from. This Reddit thread at r/Robocraft and its repost at r/Games brought interesting results too, just as this thread also at r/Robocraft. At last, there's this interesting subreddit.

a Using slime blocks, blocks of redstone and sticky pistons, one can assemble a contraption on Minecraft that can move on its own. A Google query for YouTube videos can bring many interesting insights. Exploiting duplication glitches, these machines are adapted to bomb large parcels of terrain too: see this YouTube query for examples. Furthermore, command blocks may be used to spawn flying or walking things. Regarding mods, there are many: check Zeppelin, Archimedes' Ships (archive), Davinci's Vessels (aka Archimedes Ships Plus) and Valkyrien Warfare (aka Valkyrien Skies).
b With the aid of mods, it is possible to build vehicles and fly them on Minetest, and it seems that's actually a core mechanic on the Pandorabox server. To exemplify, see the mods Airship, Meshnode, Flyingships and Jumpdrive.
c As requires third-party programs to create new cars and other vehicles, I'm stretching the meaning of vehicle building games to include potentially any game with modding capabilities, since the creation of vehicle assets naturally occurs in the process. I'll leave it here for now, since the game and its community revolves around creating new vehicles.